Saturday, February 15, 2014

Always have time for Tea with my Honey

It surely is not too late to wish
you all a happy, joy-filled
and healthy New Year.
2014? Can you believe it?

We had great fun celebrating with friends,
dining and dancing the night away.

(these were yummy frosted oreo-like cookies)

One of the most wonderful Christmas gifts
came from my dear friend in Canada.
Oh my gosh, isn't this a treasure?
I love everything about it~colors and design...

Of course, you see it honors Queen Elizabeth.
Can you guess the year?

I was nearly 2 years old.
Isn't it wonderful that someone took such good
care of preserving this fragile teacup for all this

She also sent this teacup
which honors the Queen so many years later.

This beauty is Royal Worcester which was established 
in 1751. It is from the Coronation Anniversary-2012.
Now, if the Queen stops in for tea, I shall have her 
teacup ready.

 I have many cups and saucers but this one may be a case of
loving the saucer even more than the cup. 

Aren't the colors brilliant?
I see this and think~ how regal and how royal.

We were in Disney this week enjoying ourselves so completely.
You do not have to be a child to feel the magic.
We had a super English lunch outside at the Rose and Crown Pub.
While my husband was paying the bill, I ran over to the Twinings 
store and found these tea tins.
I absolutely could not choose just one. 

The colors are brilliant jewel tones and I could not leave 
a single one behind.

Take a quick moment to see all of the little details that pertain
to the Queen-Corgis, horses, hats, pocketbook (what does she keep in there??), tea cups and so on.
The tea is a black tea and really delicious.

Golly, even the tea bag jacket is pretty.

We have been missing from tea blogging for too 
long of a time. Happy to be back.
Another wonderful gift from my Canadian pal,
 a soft tea towel with a sentiment I love.
Wishing  you all well!
                                                                                 Dame Ruthie


kitty said...

Well Happy 2014 to you, too, Ruthie. Your teacups are both so lovely and you found some lovely teas at Disney!! The tins are beautiful and I'm sure are a wonderful treat to remember your trip. xo

Karen said...

Hi Ruthie,
What a gorgeous teacup gift from a special friend who knows exactly what you love! So elegant! Thank you for visiting me! Have a wonderful weekend! Karen

xinex said...

Beautiful teacup, Ritchie! Lovely tea for you both. happy new Year!...Christine

Rhondi said...

Hi Thanks for visiting my blog. I alway love to met new blogging friends, especially ones who love tea! The cup and saucer is lovely. I remember when Queen Elizabeth made her first trip to Toronto with Prince Philip. We stood on the side of the road somewhere as they paraded by. I was pretty young. Rhondi xo

Beth said...

Love your special teacups, especially the blue one!

Angela McRae said...

A wish for a Happy New Year is always welcome, at any time of the year! And I love your new teacups and those gorgeous Twinings tins!

Terri said...

HEllo Ruthie,
Happy 2014! It is not too late at all. This year went off like a shot and I can hardly believe it is the middle of Feb!
Your new tea cups are both lovely. I have wanted the first one you shared for ages. I have seen it on EBay but have yet to purchase. It is a fine commemorative cup! The second cup too is stunning. The tea tins are so wonderful as well. I would have had a hard time choosing as well.
Thank you so much for joining in tea! I love to see you!

Barby said...

I bet the cookies tasted as yummy as they look, Ruthie.
Really beautiful tea tins - fit for a Queen!
It's a privilege to send some little treasures to a treasured friend, and you are lovely to share them with the everyone here.xo

Ruth Weston said...

Forget Disny, I'll teake teacups and tea! Love the tea and the teacups! Nice to hear drom you!

Two Cottages And Tea said...

Glad you are back for tea time! Beautiful teacups and such lovely tea tins! I always feel like a kid again at Disney! Love being there! What a darling tea towel!

Bernideen said...

Oh that is so cute - love that cup and saucer and this whole posting - 1953 - this is wonderful! So glad you shared at Friends Sharing Tea!

Liz said...

Hi from Scotland. Love tea and vintage china too!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Madelief said...

Dear Ruthie,

Happy New Year to you as well! Wow, you received some beautiful tea cups. Love them both!!!

Happy week!

Madelief x

Laurie Ritchey said...

Those NY cookies are almost too pretty to eat. What wonderful cups and saucers, and what a cute towel. How nice to have friends who know you so well! laurie

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