Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mariage Freres

Lady B here. We were in Paris last week! Doesn't that sound decadent?
I had to take the opportunity to visit the Mariage Freres tea museum and tea room. There are quite a few of them in Paris. We chose the one inside the Louvre since we were there to look at the myriads of masterpieces including the very small Mona Lisa.

Here is their sign which is also their trademark

A tea-lovers' dream come true!

I believe they carry more than 500 types of tea! I purchased  Earl Grey Provence which has a delicate lavender scent. I also bought French Breakfast tea to celebrate my trip!

This lovely tea room was adjacent to the tea museum.

Not only did they have this huge selection of tea, they also displayed tea paraphernalia from the 1850's

Right next door was this divine chocolate shop called La Maison Du Chocolat where I purchase delicious macarons (pronounced ma-ka-ROHNS). I brought some back for Dame Ruthie and we both agreed that they were the best we ever tasted! They were filled with a ganache that had a fabulous fudge-like flavor!

Right now I am am enjoying my French tea and am filled with gratitude for having such a nice adventure. Bon Jour!!