Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Our Thoughts and Prayers

Dame Ruthie and I are keeping the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings in our hearts and prayers. We can't find the proper words to convey our deep sadness. America the beautiful must once again find a way to heal. We are so sorry for this tragedy.

Tea Caddies

I didn't think I collected tea caddies and tins until I looked around and there they were! This ceramic tea caddy is part of a larger collection of sugar and spices containers. Dame Ruthie and I always love a good yard sale!
This is from Fortnum & Mason commemorating the Queens Jubilee.
As you can see, this is from Kensington Palace.

I brought this back from London years ago. Right now it holds matches for my candles.
This is the tea blended by Harney and Sons for the royal wedding. It has rosebuds blended in.
A beautiful Harrod's tin.
Doesn't she look lovely? A Diamond Jubilee tin.
Ahh! Another royal wedding tea tin.
One more royal wedding tin.
Here's a little tea caddie (get the pun?) from St. Andrew's Scotland. It will always remind me of what a beautiful town it is.
How is this for cute? My daughter gave it to me!

I hope you enjoyed my collection. Now what else do I collect and didn't know it? Stay tuned!