Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Thousand Flowers...Chintzy?

 Here is my almost favorite tea cup. See the beautiful gold at it's base? I think I mentioned this before, but I saw this in a tea room and the only difference was the inside gold ring was as thick as the base ring. When there was tea in the cup it gave the illusion of the whole inside being entirely made of gold. It was stunning! Now it has become my quest to find that elusive tea cup.

 The cup was made by the Tuscan company and the pattern is Mille Fleurs
 See that gorgeous gold trim!
 This is a sweet, tiny chintz cup I acquired recently.
 It's Royal Winton but I can't figure out the name of the pattern.
 It's very pretty.
 There it is on the right. Rather small compared to a regular tea cup. I told my grand daughter that it was made just for her!
 While on the subject of chintz, here is a lovely little dish made by James Kent, Ltd. in Longton, England. The pattern is Du Barry.

 And this is my newest treasure found yesterday whilst in the presence of Dame Ruthie. It's Royal Winton Grimwades, made in England. The pattern is Summertime.
 I assume it is a cheese dish, or maybe a butter dish. Any ideas??
 Well, it's a pretty dish.
So, Can we conclude that Mille Fleurs are Chintz-ish? I really love both styles. And don't forget to let me know if you know where I can find the cup with the large gold band on the inside.  Thank you!!