Sunday, August 4, 2013

OK...One More Book

I received this book in the mail on Friday. I have been waiting anxiously for it to be published and here it is. Now, it's not strictly about tea, but it is entirely about England!

Susan Branch documents her two-month trip to England which begins on the Queen Elizabeth 2 cruise ship.

She visits lovely gardens and castles and houses. It's a very personal diary that is hand-written. I really started to think that I have a new best-friend!

I recommend this book to everyone. The one passage that completely blew me away is the following:

" Now I realize an Anglophile is not made, she is born - in the gardens of rural England, in a tearoom on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales & she can't be held responsible. It's like falling in love, she has to go with it. She sees an English Meadow in the middle of a stadium in London during the Olympics with real sheep and shepherds and geese and wildflowers and she realizes she is in love with the people who would DO that. She hangs up her bunting, turns on Downton Abbey and says , sign me up."

Yes, Susan Branch touches every British nerve in my body. Please give this book a look. I know you will enjoy it!
Cheers from Lady B !!