Saturday, July 27, 2013

Another Collection! This time it's tea books!

Looking about the house, I found another tea books. I know Dame Ruthie has many too, so I will show you mine and let Dame Ruthie share hers with you at another time. The Charms of Tea was published by Victoria Magazine in 1991. It's quite informative with information on how to present lovely teas. It's also romantic with lovely pictures and paintings.

Alexandra Stoddard's Tea Celebrations lives up to her high standards. If you pour yourself a cup of tea and sit down to read this book, it's as if your are relaxing and enjoying a visit from her. She has a lot to say and puts her words down in such a lovely fashion

Scones and Tea is a lovely book from TeaTime magazine. As the title implies, it is a very large collection of recipes for scones. They say it is the ultimate collection and I agree.

You're Just My Cup of Tea is a wonderful book with great watercolor illustrations by Camille Ellerbrook. It overflows with recipes and conversation.

An Emilie Barnes/ Susan Rios collaboration, Everything I Know I Learned Over Tea is a sweet book. The idea is that conversation flows more smoothly when accompanied by a cup of tea. I truly believe that to be true.

This is probably my favorite tea book! Time for Tea is a conversation with thirteen English women.From a Lady to a dairy farmer to a schoolgirl, we are treated to their teatime traditions. The photographs and recipes are wonderful I feel as if I had made new friends. Over a cup of tea, of course.

Christmas Teas of Comfort and Joy by Emilie Barns contains sweet paintings by Susan Rios.  It contains Christmas crafts, customs and ideas for celebration. If you need a little nudge to get you into the holiday spirit, this is the book!

While we are on the subject, we can't forget this book. A Cup of Christmas Tea has no recipes, just a lovely story of what's important.
The Twelve Teas of Friendship is another book by the Barnes/Rios duo. The illustrations and conversation are delightful as they take you through each month with a lovely suggestion for a special tea to share with friends.

The Art of Tea and Friendship is a lovely book with paintings by Sandy Lynam Clough. It's like visiting an art gallery with Sandy as your guide.

This delightful little book was gleaned from Mrs. Beeton's original book Beeton's Book of Household Management which was written in 1861. It has lots of recipes and instruction for brewing the perfect cup of tea.

Talk about a little book! Isn't this sweet? Yes, that's a quarter next to it. Don't be surprised by it's size, it contains history, recipes and lots of information.

I found this little paper-back in Barnes & Noble and love it! It has history, recipes and tons of information along with super photographs.

The Essential Tea Companion is another book from Victoria Magazine (which I cannot live without). If you are looking for just one book about tea, this is the one. Like the title's essential!

Country Tea Parties  by Maggie Stuckey is a delight largely due to the lovely watercolor illustrations by Carolyn Bucha. It has ideas and recipes for twelve teas. One for each month. My favorite is the Queen's tea for the month of August

What can I say? It's the Ritz! The one in London...the one where my daughter and I enjoyed afternoon tea. It has history and recipes. Some of the teas are specific. Such as the mad hatter's tea, the pre-theatre tea, and the club man's tea.

Hmm, another Victoria publication...OK, I'm obsessed. Anyway, The Art of Taking Tea is a beautifully photographed book that will take you away to wonderful places to virtually experience tea. You can go to the English countryside, a Parisian tea salon or Boston's Beacon Hill. A truly enjoyable experience.

Having Tea by Tricia Foley is a style book as well as a tea book. It has wonderful menus, recipes, and style suggestions... lots of information.

This is actually my friends book. Tea by Roy Moxham is a delightful read if you want to know absolutely everything!! There are tales about smugglers, hangings,and tea plantations all over the world, uprisings, wars and oh yes, that tea party we had in Boston long ago.

Tea at Fortnum & Mason is a handbook for British tea drinkers. It's a tribute to tea with recipes and history

 I picked this book up in Paris. It is the true home of French Tea. The Mariage Freres has been blending their French tea  since the 1600's. This book is full of information about every aspect of tea from preparing it to classifying it, to identifying where it was grown.

 This clever little book is filled with tea-related quotes. There is one for each day of the year.

If Teacups Could Talk is another book with paintings by Sandy Lynam Clough. This time Emilie Barnes did the writing. I love the conversation because as you know, I do love my tea cups!! 

OK, I had to add these. I'm sure most of you have been reading the Laura Childs collection of tea mysteries! They are fun and a wonderful way to spend the afternoon...along with your cup of tea.


relevanttealeaf said...

I enjoyed seeing your collection of tea books. I have them all except four. It was fun learning about the four I don't have. I love my tea library and am always adding to it whether I need more or not! ;-)

KathyB. said...

I am surprised at how many of these books i also own, and some I have read. The Laura Childs' mysteries are the books I borrow from the library.

I think one of the things i love most about tea ( besides drinking it ) is the romance and celebrations tea inspires.

I am in the hospital with a sick gradnchild and tea is the thing that is perking her up and helping. I brought a small teapot & matching teacup and she loves pouring her own tea and stirring in her 3 packets of sugar. She told me the most fun IS adding and stirring in the suger. Tea is healthy, fun, good, inspiring....maybe we need MORE books about tea.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Wonderful collection - so interesting.

Marilyn said...

Nice collection. I have many of the same books. Thanks for visiting me at Delights of the Heart.

Angela McRae said...

You just sent me to Amazon for the ones I don't have!

Barby said...

Great fun to see such a nice collection of tea books. I have several of them too and have always had a soft spot for everything 'Victoria' magazine.
The original issues were second to none.

Joy said...

What a great collection! I do have a few of these, and am slowly adding more.

Sandra said...

You have a good collection of tea books. Some I have but a few I don't so will be on the lookout for them....cause I NEED more tea books! :0). Thanks for sharing.