Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Vintage Tea Party Book

I was browsing in the Anthropologie shop and came across this book. It' author is Angel Adoree a very eclectic woman who has much to offer. The book includes tea parties and British things galore. In fact, it put me in a new direction! I like that. The book was originally published in England by the Antique Collectors Club. Fortunately it is distributed here in the USA. Angel loves vintage and tea parties. The book is filled with really delicious recipes and many other interesting things.
Guess who is on the first page!!

The recipes are really quite simple and pleasing. Here is a heart shaped cream cheese and cucumber sandwich.

Really British fare!

Angel shows you how to make the Union Jack and gives you the history.
Really quite interesting

The photos are a feast for the eyes.

Yes, there are crafts in the book. Here are candles made in tea cups.

This is Angel in all her splendor
There are instructions for sewing vintage aprons.
Plus, instructions for applying false eyelashes!! What a book!!!

What changed my life was the inclusion of egg coddlers and recipes. I was so delighted with them that I started my own collection. Most are by Royal Worcester

However, this little Peter Rabbit coddler is by Wedgewood.

Yes indeed, I have this book to thank for opening up a lost tradition for me. I do remember my Grandmother serving me coddled eggs as a toddler. I highly recommend this book because it is so highly eclectic and lots of fun!!


Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Oh what fun- will have to look that one up- thank you so much for the recommendation!

I sold a set of egg coddlers not too long ago - never used them, just sold them.

Fake eyelashes- my daughters absolutely love them. I wore contacts for so many years I never really got into the habit - may have to try them sometime for fun!

Have a wonderful day!!

Bernideen said...

What a great post. Sometimes these books eventually get distributed by companies here - like NBA - a USA distributor. The big thing is if their are recipes - do they give the non metric quantities.

The photos look wonderful and great idea on the egg coddlers.

Ruthie Miller said...

Dear Lady B,
I want that book!!!!! I will have to hint around for Mother's day along with the Downton Abbey books. I have seen it in the store and it looks like so much fun.
I had egg coddlers too that I bought when we lived in England but gave them away when we moved. :( I have that one with the bird. Enjoy them!
See you at tea at 12 today!
Dame Ruthie

leon10 said...

its a lovely book have it also but in a dutch translation very yummy recepies and everthing looks so nice mean the styling of it!

Angela McRae said...

I have that book too and also love it--such a departure from the usual tea book, and I think it's a nice "hip" tea book to share with others. I have two egg coddlers with roses on them but have never seen Peter Rabbit ones! Wouldn't that be perfect for an Easter season breakfast? Thanks for sharing this!

Barby said...

Lady B. - Angel Adoree has a new book coming out in April. The title is 'The Vintage Tea Party Year.' It looks like a great one too. :) (Same format)

Lady Linda said...

What an adorable book! So many fun features in it! My goodness.
I have an egg coddler collection. I started it almost 40 years ago. I don't have a Peter Rabbit one, but would love to own one!
Great blog post.

Duchess of Tea said...
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Duchess of Tea said...

Hello Darling,

Thanks so much for stopping by my cottage and for your sweet comment. Life, health-wise has not been very kind to me, however, I am doing much better now. I am hoping to be able to post as regularly as possible, fingers crossed.

Take care, 'til we talk again



Karen Grant said...

We love your tea inspired blog and have been inspired this month on ours by all things "civilized" . We even had our own tea party inspired by Angel Adoree's books. Check it out if you have a moment!