Monday, December 3, 2012

The End of My Commemoratives?

 Seriously, I am at the end of sharing my royal commemoratives. We shall end (for now) with Princess Diana. I have some choice tankards and mugs to show you. And yes, I love my two Diana dolls.
 This tankard is Spode bone china. They look so happy in the photo.
 This is a rather strange mug. It is quite like the one above but it is black with gold lettering. I use it to store some of my paint brushes.

This is a Portmerion tankard made in England. It has a rather unusual handle.

Diana looks wistful in this portrait.

On either side of the portraits are ladies with cornucopias of cascading flowers. The words in the ribbon are Royal Wedding, health, peace, long life, love and happiness. Sadly ironic.

Here is my bride doll!

This is a very large tankard. I really like the wedding bells border.

Here is Diana.

Here is Charles in need of a haircut.

The tankard is Wedgwood. The number is 749 out of 3,000 designed by Richard Guyatt.
Here is a "faux" Wedgwood tankard. I like it non the less.
Saint Paul's Cathedral
Even the handle is pretty. I hope you enjoyed the last of my commemoratives. I'm sure I pick up some more in the future ( especially with Will and Kate) and I will love to share them with you.