Friday, November 16, 2012

Tea Cup Thursday

This is not exactly a tea cup, it is a Wemyss Goblet. It is quite rare. It is a limited edition of 500. The first one was reserved for the late Queen Mother and the 500th was auctioned for the benefit of the National Trust for Scotland. Wemyss ware was the brainchild of Robert Heron, the owner of Fife Pottery in Scotland.  He brought back a Bohemian artist named Karel Nekola who painted in this bold manner. It became a favorite of Miss Doris Wemyss of Wemyss Castle. In 1980, to commemorate the centenary of Wemyss and the birthday of the late Queen Mother, this exclusive edition was made. This continued the tradition of marking Royal occasions. I've heard the Prince Charles himself has an extensive collection of Wemyss goblets!

The ribbons say " To honour Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother and mark  the Wemyss centenary.

The loose style of painting is just lovely. This goblet was designed by Alan Carr Linford. Pictured behind the ribbon on the bottom are a pair of leeks. This is the first time I have seen leeks included in the midst of roses, thistles and shamrocks. Do you think they represent Wales?

You can see the green tails of the leeks

There are acorns too.

As you can see, my goblet is numbered 114. Royal Doulton now owns Wemyss Ware.This is truly a star in my collection.