Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tea Cup Thursday

I hope a loving cup passes for a tea cup today! I was very fortunate in securing many commemoratives from a friend who is liquidating his collection. I will have many more posts with many lovely examples. This is such a pretty portrait of Queen Elizabeth. I love how they decorated the edges to resemble ermine.
The back is just lovely with bright colors!

As you can see, it's a bone china loving cup made by Royal Doulton in 1992. It's signed and numbered and doesn't commemorate anything except love and respect for their good Queen.
This fantastic cup is associated with Marlborough House which is the home of the Commonwealth Secretariat.
Yes, It's a commemoration cup but rather different, wouldn't you say? It's actually bone china.
Here is an image of Marlborough House.
This fantastic cup lists the countries that are a part of the Commonwealth.

Here are more of the commonwealth countries. As this was 35 years ago, I'm sure that many have departed.
Here is the Queen on a mug to celebrate her Silver Jubilee.
It is all printed in silver!
Quite a dashing picture of Prince Phillip. As I said before, there are more to come. I really was very lucky to secure such wonderful commemoratives!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tea Cup Thursday - Thistle Redux

The thistles are still in bloom (and as nasty as ever) but I managed to pick some more to go with my next treasure. I found another thistle tea cup. Dame Ruthie mentioned that she saw one in our local consignment shop. I took a look and fell upon it immediately. I love to share these finds with you.
Here is the cup and saucer which I purchased last week. I can always use another thistle tea cup. Now I am on the prowl for a thistle tea pot!
Such a delightful and happy saucer!
It's Aynsley...fine English bone china of course. I wish I had named my dog that name!

I love how the three little sprigs are visible while sipping your tea!