Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Third Afternoon Tea

We spent the morning traveling to Oxford to see my niece Jenni. She is doing a summer study abroad. We got there early and had what they called "Breakfast Baps" which are a sort of roll. I'm holding a diet coke which has a commemorate can made just for the Olympics. We had a wonderful time seeing Oxford. It is such an ancient city...very Harry Potteresque (is that a word?) It was a lovely visit, but we left before the tea rooms were open.  We traveled back to London and tried our luck at finding another afternoon tea venue.


Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

I have always wanted to see Oxford.......and Potteresque is a perfect discription, so it is a word now to be sure!

Your "tour" has been lovely reading. thank you so much!

Barby said...

Baps are a way of life in my husband's hometown in Scotland.
Everyone treks to the local bakeries on the High Street each Saturday morning for their weekend supply of Baps, freshly baked. Yum!
We have continued the tradition here. Baps are sold at our local grocery store bakery, and Ian and I often enjoy them on the weekend. :)

Catherine Rogers said...

What a delightful description of everything! Maybe one day I'll get up to Barby's and have a Bap! I do agree, Pottersque is the perfect word. Oxford conjurs up many "Old England" images for me. Thank you for sharing.

relevanttealeaf said...

Hi Ladies! I visited Oxford in 2001 - it was the last stop on a Globus Tour. It's a very OLD city. The University dates back to 1096! The photo looks like you're having a wonderful time.