Tuesday, August 14, 2012

After visiting Oxford, we came back to London and found out that the number one rated hotel afternoon tea was right next door to our hotel. The Athenaeum has a famous afternoon tea and I so hoped we could go without having a reservation. We were very fortunate and were seated right away. This was the tea menu. It is very unusual as it resembles two wooden planks with petri dishes embedded in it. It shows you a sampling of each tea on the menu. I couldn't wait to start this experience!


Catherine Rogers said...

Which tea did you choose? So many teas, so little time. What a fun you must have had deciding. :)

relevanttealeaf said...

What a unique - and wonderful - tea menu!

Sarah said...

I Love the Atheunaum, that is where we stayed on two separate trips, and LOVE tea there too!