Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tea Cup Thursday

I'll be sharing my Queen Elizabeth memorabilia as we are getting closer to celebrating her sixty years on the throne. Queen Victoria reigned for sixty four years. I hope Elizabeth II does as well or better.
This little mug was bought on ebay with strong encouragement from Dame Ruthie. It is so feminine with the roses and ribbons. The queen's face is soft and endearing.


Barby said...

This one is especially lovely.
The young Queen is radiant. :)
I saw her on tv yesterday, footage. She is fit and resilient, quite like the Queen Mother, and hopefully her reign will continue for years to come. :)

Catherine Rogers said...

The cup is lovely. It displays one of my favorite pictures of the Queen. I agree with Barby. In the photo she appears lovely and so young. She has endured through the ages with good reason. I think she is as wise as she is lovely. I especially enjoyed William's interview with Katie Couric where he stated he has always had a healthy respect for his "Granny". Theirs is a genuine relationship.