Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tea Cup Thursday - Lilac Reprise

My Lilacs are fading, so I thought I'd add one more piece of lilac-themed ware. I know it's not a tea cup but it is so pretty.


Ruthie Miller said...

Pretty teapot but sad to see the lilacs go. That means I missed them altogether so glad I got to see them, at least, in your pix. Hope my tree peony will be in bloom when we return to NY next week. Now there is a flower I can't recall seeing on a teacup. Something new to search for.
No apologies. Teacups and teapots go together. Pretty post. Just wish I could smell through the computer!

Barby said...

Very pretty, graceful, and a most elegant style.
Still looking forward to my lilacs, and instead we are having a heavy snowfall this morning.
I need a lilac teapot! How cheering! :)

Catherine Rogers said...

Try if you can to never think of Spring in the past tense. Engrave upon your heart the beauty of its bounty. Then on a cold winter's night, when all has grown quiet in the midst of a frosty pale, harken to the rhythm of your heart. It will offer up to you lilacs blooming in Spring. Sweet Spring! Like all lovely things, it's just too brief.