Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tea Cup Thursday

I'll be sharing my Queen Elizabeth memorabilia as we are getting closer to celebrating her sixty years on the throne. Queen Victoria reigned for sixty four years. I hope Elizabeth II does as well or better.
This little mug was bought on ebay with strong encouragement from Dame Ruthie. It is so feminine with the roses and ribbons. The queen's face is soft and endearing.
The back of the mug has the Royal Coat of Arms.  It contains the motto; Dieu et mon droit -God and my right. It also has the motto of the Order of the Garter - Honi soit qui mal y pense - Shamed be he who thinks ill of it. The guardian lion wears the imperial crown and the unicorn is unchained showing strength. I absolutely love the blue feathers in back.
                    Even the handle is lovely. It it Royal Albert, bone china, England
Here is a lovely trio commemorating the coronation. It is called Burlington Ware made by J. Shaw and Sons, LTD. in England.
                                            This is the tea cup and dish.
                                            Look at her youthful photograph!
Here is another sweet coronation souvenir. It's a tea cup and I  am wondering if it had a saucer.
This is the back. I really love the simple gold trim. This cup was made by Shelley and is bone china.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Celebrating Mother's Day

    This is my beautiful mother. I love her, I miss her and I   will never forget her. She truly gave me everything.
                        Here's a little Mother's day grouping.

                This Mother cup is large enough for soup!
It can't be Mother's Day without a shout out to the Queen Mother. This beautiful mug is pink and blue and heavily gilded in gold. I love to use it on Mother's Day. Can you believe she has been gone for twelve years? So sad she missed the royal wedding.
                      This is the back of the gorgeous cup.
                        It's a limited edition numbered 153
Dame Ruthie gave me this lovely little trinket box commemorating the Queen Mother's birthday. It is so sweet with the little roses and thistles.
                                         See the sweet rose hiding inside.
 "To celebrate the centenary year of her majesty Queen      Elizabeth the Queen Mother"

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tea Cup Thursday - Lilac Reprise

My Lilacs are fading, so I thought I'd add one more piece of lilac-themed ware. I know it's not a tea cup but it is so pretty.
                             It is so pretty with it's gold trim.
                               Made in England, of course!
                   Spring is so fleeting, take time to enjoy it.