Saturday, April 14, 2012

Long Live the Kings

I am at the end of my commemorative collection of the monarchs who predated Queen Elizabeth II. From my next post on I will be showing my Queen Elizabeth memorabilia since it is the eve of her Diamond Jubilee. My dear daughter was in Canada when she came upon this lovely trio It is so delicate. It is bone china made in Stoke-on-Trent, England by Hammersley & Co. The lovely flowers give it a delicate air. I love how they state that King George VI is King of all the Britons and the Emperor of India!


Antiques And Teacups said...

That's a great trio! Queen Victoria was the first Empress of India and it ended with King George VI when it became a dominion nation and independent in 1950. I love the old royal memorabilia sets!

Ruthie Miller said...

Lady B. This really is a special one. I too, love the roses. (No surprise there) and the writing inside. Really lovely. You have a great daughter to find this for you. Shout out to her!