Friday, April 20, 2012

Tea Cup Thursday - Lilacs are in bloom!

I woke up this morning and my Lilacs were in bloom a full two weeks early! The weather here on Long Island has been unseasonably warm. So we are reaping the benefit of early blooms.
  The Lilacs are in bloom on my pretty tea cup and saucer as well!
                                     Such a beautiful saucer!
As you can see, It's Royal Albert, Lilac Lane Platinum bone china.

                                  Can't you just smell them??

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Long Live the Kings

I am at the end of my commemorative collection of the monarchs who predated Queen Elizabeth II. From my next post on I will be showing my Queen Elizabeth memorabilia since it is the eve of her Diamond Jubilee. My dear daughter was in Canada when she came upon this lovely trio It is so delicate. It is bone china made in Stoke-on-Trent, England by Hammersley & Co. The lovely flowers give it a delicate air. I love how they state that King George VI is King of all the Britons and the Emperor of India!
Here is the cup and saucer. This set appears to me hand enameled, that's why the colors are so brilliant.
                                       This is the back of the cup...Roses, Shamrocks, and Thistles.
Inside the cup is a little banner which reads Coronation of H. M. King George - VI and Queen Elizabeth Long May They Reign.
This beautiful marcasite and sterling silver pin/pendant was given to me by my friend Ruth Phaff. It belonged to her aunt who was quite a collector of royal memorabilia. It has a laurel wreath, the initials GR and the roman numeral VI. It also has the date 1937. I adore it.
                                                        Here is a close-up. It is so pretty!
I found this tin at a flea market. It is in such bad shape that you can't open it. However, my friend Ginny Bruer gave me the sweet mug that bears the exact picture and it is so clear. The mug says it is a coronation souvenir and lists the whole family including Princess Margaret Rose