Saturday, March 24, 2012

Surprises are so nice!

Last night I was out to dinner with good friends. The lady of the other party, Ryck, handed me a lovely package. I was taken by surprise and curiosity. Ryck knows my passion for all things Royal and Commemorative, so she gifted me with this vintage tin , a souvenir of Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation!! It is so pretty and in excellent condition and the timing is perfect considering the Jubilee in June. Isn't it wonderful to have friends!!! Thanks so much Ryck.


Ruthie Miller said...

Wow! I think I will have to tell Ryck my passions. Ha. That was so sweet of her. It really is a special treat and fabulous surprise. The perfect thing for the Jubilee Celebration.

Ruth...Time Was Antiques said...

A wonderful gift!

Barby said...

A tremendous gift and the timing is perfect.
A really lovely image of the Queen.
I wonder what the tin once held? :)

Catherine Rogers said...

Lovely! Friends are a treasure! I am also curious what the tin once held.

Ruthie Miller said...

Tea I imagine. Perhaps biscuits? (cookies) Nice to have you here, friends.