Saturday, March 24, 2012

Surprises are so nice!

Last night I was out to dinner with good friends. The lady of the other party, Ryck, handed me a lovely package. I was taken by surprise and curiosity. Ryck knows my passion for all things Royal and Commemorative, so she gifted me with this vintage tin , a souvenir of Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation!! It is so pretty and in excellent condition and the timing is perfect considering the Jubilee in June. Isn't it wonderful to have friends!!! Thanks so much Ryck.

Here is the side. It has a hinged top.

Handsome and quite young, Prince Phillip or The Duke of Edinburgh as he was noted here.

This is the pretty top of the tin. It says Coronation Souvenir
June 1953

As you can see it was a tin of Scottish "biscuits" from Gray and Dunn.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tea Cup Thursday - Apple Blossom Time

Truly one of my favorite chintz tea cups. The pattern is Apple Blossom and is is made by the Kent company in Longton, England. The flowers are so pretty, a real harbinger of Spring. Even the handle is strewn with blossoms. I got this and the following pieces of chintz at an antiques mall. Dame Ruthie and I swooned over the fact that they were all 50% off! Can you imagine? So I had my heart set on a little tray,one-person tea pot, matching cup and miniature toast rack. The tag said $179.  (or so I thought, not having my glasses on) so I did quick calculations in my head and figured I could buy this charming set for @ $90.00  A bit pricey but I really loved it. When I got to the check-out the salesgirl said she would put an even $1,000. on my card. Stammering, I said please explain your type of math as opposed to my type. She explained that the price tag read $1,790.00 which,adding sales tax came to $2,000.00 So of course 50% of that would be $1,000. Many thoughts ran through my head not the least of how can I sneak this home without my husband's knowledge? The saleslady was so nice. She took me back to the sale and I came home with three treasures all of which did not add up to $90.

Chintzy?? I think not!

This candy dish was purchased on the same trip. It's pattern is "DuBarry" made by James Kent Ltd., Longton, England

This sweet chintz cup was found at the same antiques mall. I got it for a song and am still singing it praise.

Another fine example by Taylor and Kent

Tea Cup Thursday Diana and Charles Commemorative

I found this tea cup in a second hand shop and was thrilled because, although I have MANY commemorative mugs of Charles and Diana's wedding, I never had a delicate teacup. The saucer design is unique and rather unbalanced. but I really love it.

The back of the tea cup.

The saucer is rather curious because it contains the Prince of Wales' motto. Ich Dien which is German for I Serve. Remember, German was spoken at the Palace since the times of Henry the 8th.

As you can see, it's my English bone china

Tea Cup Thursday - The Little Black Teacup

Who needs a "little Black Dress" when you can have a little black tea cup? Sure it looks demure, but there's a surprise inside!

See the pretty surprise inside!

Such a sweet saucer.

It's bone china by Taylor & Kent from Longton, England

Who knew I would love a black teacup so much!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tea Cup Thursday at the Flagler Museum

On Thursday my daughter, granddaughter, and I went to the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, Florida. It is a beautiful mansion from the "Gilded Age". Completed in 1902 Whitehall, Henry Flagler's estate was hailed as "more magnificent than any other private dwelling in the world." Today Whitehall is a National Historic Landmark and is open to the public as the Flagler Museum. We enjoyed it so much. It took us back in time. They also had an exhibit of Louis Comfort Tiffany's priceless lamps. And then we went to the gift shop...
This is a sweet teacup and saucer that I purchased in the gift shop. It is a reproduction of  an eighteenth century Sevres porcelain. An example of Gilded Age finery.
                                                        This is the lovely pattern on the saucer.
You can get a special blend of tea make expressly for the museum. Delicious! They even tell you the correct way to brew black tea on the back of the tin.
                                                        This is the sweet tea strainer. Lovely!
                                                 This is a photo of Whitehall from the brochure