Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tea Cup Thursday

It's that time of year again...Robbie Burns' birthday. Officially it was yesterday but many celebrate it over the weekend. As many of you know, Robbie is Scotland's poet laureate and his poetry immortalizes early Scotland. We often have our own Robbie Burns dinner which includes scotch whiskey, roast beef, scotch whiskey, salmon, scotch whiskey, tatties & neeps, and so on. We play bagpipe music as we bring in the haggis. Everyone stands for the toast and then each person gets to recite lines from "Ode to a Haggis". We toast each other and also the Queen. It's lots of fun.
This lovely tea cup was made by Crescent and Sons, England and of course it's the beautifully translucent bone china. Ecru, white and gold. Who could ask for more?
Here is the star of the Robbie Burns dinner...the haggis!! It's the Scot's national dish immortalized in Burns' Ode to a Haggis and is usually in a sheep skin, but this year I got the canned version. Here is the site so you may order if you wish. It's the American version.

                                              Here's the intinerary for a traditional Burns Supper.
This is the Selkirk Grace in the Old Scottish language. This opens the dinner and Auld Lang Syne ends it. It's really a wonderful event. Perhaps some of you will attend a Robbie Burns Dinner this weekend. I hope so.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tea Cup Thursday...umm Saturday

     Hello everyone, sorry it's been so long. I've relocated again for the winter and got really busy, so busy that in the near future my dear friend "Lady R" will be sharing some of the load with her wonderful collection of teacups and tea pots. It's wonderful to have a friend who shares interests  near and dear to me.
    This beautiful tea cup was found at one of my favorite tea shops down here - Teapots and Treasures in West Palm Beach. I was taken by it's rich green color and the profusion of gold leaf. The shape is lovely as is the handle. The gold trim adds a "bling" quality to it.
                                             I love the little rose almost hidden inside the tea cup!
                                                        The saucer itself is breathtaking!
                               The blue rose in the center of the saucer echoes the rose in the cup
               As you can see this is an Elizabethan cup and saucer made of fine bone china in England.
Here's a lovely cup and saucer that I also purchased at Teapots & Treasures here in West Palm Beach. What could be better to  drink my tea in than a cup filled with my favorite flower...the rose!!
                                                                      Such a pretty set!
                                                 See the lovely triple garlands on the saucer
This sweet tea cup was made in England of bone china by Queen Anne. It is a product of Ridgway Potteries Ltd. and the pattern number is 8543