Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tea Cup Thursday

I am combining my Tea Cup Thursday with my collection of British commemoratives. This time it will be about "Edward the Abdicator" We all know about his affair with the divorced American Wallis Simpson and his decision to abdicate the throne. However, he wasn't timely in his decision and many mugs hit the marketplace. This particular mug is my favorite. It was designed by Dame Laura Knight who was famous for designing circus posters! On the left side is a knight on a white horse slaying a dragon. On the right side is an elephant and a stylized English rose. His portrait is rather boyish but that crown is prominent.


Antiques And Teacups said...

That is one of my favorite of the Edward VIII designs. She did designs that were so ahead of her time, I think!

Ruthie Miller said...

Great post.So interesting. All of your little tidbits of knowledge . Look forward to more. I wouldn't have even noticed the handle. Love the artwork and as the other Ruth said, the designs look contemporary.
The other Ruth-I'll say Ruthie