Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tea with Claire

I just had to post this! Yesterday my daughter and I took her daughter, Claire, to tea. I had no idea that she would wear gloves of gold and a tiara! She was very excited about having a tea party and insisting on having hot tea just like Nanny (me). Her manners were impeccable (as she just recently turned three) and I think we started a lovely tradition. I know that next time I will certainly wear a hat and gloves.


Lady Linda said...

This is what it's ALL about! How very delightful~
Lady Linda

Sailing Through the Waves said...

Sounds like a new tea lover! It was about the same time that my mom and I started having tea parties with Malomars and tea! I have probably 50+ teapots now because of those early days!! Glad to see you are passing the tradition along!