Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! It has been a wonderful year for me and my family...healthy, happy and blessed. Don't forget you can celebrate the new year at 7 pm. My heart always resides in London! Cheers!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Tea Cup Thursday

Here we go again...Tea Cup Thursday on Friday. Maybe it's Thursday somewhere in the world? This is my personal china. I was fortunate enough to inherit it from my maternal grandmother. The name of the pattern is Christmas Ball, rather appropriate? It is made by Noritake and has to be at least 100 years old. It is cream colored on the bottom half with a light yellow tone behind the gold balls. I do love this set so much. I have a coffee pot, demitasse set, lots of bowls and platters and many, many dishes. I hope you enjoy looking at it and I wish you all a Merry Christmas!
                                                   Here is the precious tea cup and saucer.
                                                       Here is my Christmas Ball tea pot
                                         Does anyone know why the Noritake crest has an M?
    This little santa painting is mine I like to do folk art paintings as well as botanicals. It keeps my mind fresh ( I think!)
                                                          Adding a little sparkle for Christmas!
                                                           Really, this is so much fun!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tea Cup Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. A perfect day to reflect upon our blessings and to enjoy the company of family and friends,not forgetting the turkey and all that goes with it. I hope you are using your "Good China" today. My little show and tell for today includes a new book and a new cup and saucer.
I received my copy of Scones and Tea published by Tea Time  magazine. It is chock full of scone recipes along with tea history, etiquette, and many resources. It's a must have for us tea afficionados.
             I found this delightful cup and saucer at my local TJ Max! Honestly! It made me so happy!
This fantastic saucer has the name of the rose written on it in elegant script. "Aurelianensis La Duchesse d'Orleans Rosa Gallica.
                                     As you can see, it's bone china made in 2006 by Roy Kirkham

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tea Cup Thursday

I am combining my Tea Cup Thursday with my collection of British commemoratives. This time it will be about "Edward the Abdicator" We all know about his affair with the divorced American Wallis Simpson and his decision to abdicate the throne. However, he wasn't timely in his decision and many mugs hit the marketplace. This particular mug is my favorite. It was designed by Dame Laura Knight who was famous for designing circus posters! On the left side is a knight on a white horse slaying a dragon. On the right side is an elephant and a stylized English rose. His portrait is rather boyish but that crown is prominent.
                                       The back is a stylized version of the Royal Coat-of Arms
      The handle is gold and I believe it to be a fire-breathing dragon with bright orange enamel  nostrils!
This is a handle-less mug. It's lovely with all the flags and roses, shamrocks, daffodils, and the crown. Dare I say he looks rather dazed and confused? Imagine how he would feel if he were alive today with all the divorces in the Royal Family. Charles is to be the next king. You know him, he is the one who  is divorced and married to his mistress
                                         This is a lovely cup with a very nice portrait of Edward
                                                         Yes, It's says Long May He Reign!
                                                     This is a sweet cup. Rather feminine!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tea Cup Thursday

How pretty is this tea cup?  It is Crown Staffordshire fine bone china made in England. It's a pink and white base with gorgeous gold flower and leaves dancing all over. So much fun to enjoy my "cuppa" in.
                                 Here is a closer look. I just love pink and this cup is so very feminine

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tea with Claire

I just had to post this! Yesterday my daughter and I took her daughter, Claire, to tea. I had no idea that she would wear gloves of gold and a tiara! She was very excited about having a tea party and insisting on having hot tea just like Nanny (me). Her manners were impeccable (as she just recently turned three) and I think we started a lovely tradition. I know that next time I will certainly wear a hat and gloves.
                                                         It's never to soon to start!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Tea Cup Thursday?

Sorry for the blurry picture. I really love this Aynsley tea cup It is a  turquoise and egg shell white border on the saucer with a beautiful gold trim. I like bright colors, they brighten the day! The marking on the back is C 979. If anyone knows what that means, please let me know. I put a question mark on the title because I've been rather tardy lately. I won't be able to post next week as I will be at the American Society of Botanical Artist's convention in Boston. It will be so exciting. Perhaps I can post some paintings when I get home.  See you then!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tea Cup Thursday

I want to share this darling trio today. It is pale blue with a lace-type border In the center are adorable rosebuds. I think the handle is charming. Aren't we lucky to have such sweet things?
                                                           The dish alone is lovely.
It's a Paragon tea trio and apparently named "Radstock"

Princess Kate has arrived!

I just received her yesterday  Too bad she missed my tea party, but I'm sure there will be other events!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Welcome to my Royal Tea

I mentioned that there would be a tea party at my house and here it is! Ruthie and I invited some lovely ladies to have tea and play mah jongg. We made finger sandwiches including of course cucumber sandwiches, scones and a delicious quiche. Tea was constantly brewing and my teacups were enjoyed by all. It was so much fun. Some wore fascinators and others wore gorgeous hats. There is nothing like a tea party to awaken the "little girl" in all of us. Please enjoy the photos.
                                                          Yes, it had a royal theme

Festive and Fun Decor

                                                               Cupcakes to take home!

Here are the hostesses!

                                                  Lady B, Lady Carol and Lady Ruthie

Our Guests Looked Lovely!

The table settings were devine!

                                                   So much fun to use all the different teacups!

The food was festive

                                            Ruthie's white chocolate tea cups and tea pots!
                                                          Carol made the quiche!
                                                    Ruthie made pretty petit fours

We had so much fun creating "tableaus"