Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wildlife Tea Party

Yesterday our community held it's annual
Victorian Wildlife Tea.
Lady B, her beautiful daughter & granddaughter,
Erica and Claire attended too.

The tables were set with goodies as beautiful as they were delectable.

There was a piano player helping to set the mood.

The room was decorated from floor to ceiling.

This tea is held to raise money to protect our wildlife.
We live in Florida and are surrounded by preserves.
We enjoy an abundance of wildlife here especially
so many stunningly graceful birds.
Sometimes they get hurt and need special,
costly care.

And then there were the desserts....

How spoiled were we?

Aren't these cupcakes so sweet?

There were raffles and a silent auction.
These are my winnings this year.
Two handmade pot holders, a set of cute little place holders
and a gorgeous signed Kenneth Lane pin.

Couldn't resist showing how perfect they look
resting on my living room chair.

Close up on my pin. I love to wear pins!

Here I am with Lady B and her girls.
Little Claire won a musical carousel in the
silent auction and was thrilled.
It was a good cause and you know that
Lady B and I love a tea party!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Always have time for Tea with my Honey

It surely is not too late to wish
you all a happy, joy-filled
and healthy New Year.
2014? Can you believe it?

We had great fun celebrating with friends,
dining and dancing the night away.

(these were yummy frosted oreo-like cookies)

One of the most wonderful Christmas gifts
came from my dear friend in Canada.
Oh my gosh, isn't this a treasure?
I love everything about it~colors and design...

Of course, you see it honors Queen Elizabeth.
Can you guess the year?

I was nearly 2 years old.
Isn't it wonderful that someone took such good
care of preserving this fragile teacup for all this

She also sent this teacup
which honors the Queen so many years later.

This beauty is Royal Worcester which was established 
in 1751. It is from the Coronation Anniversary-2012.
Now, if the Queen stops in for tea, I shall have her 
teacup ready.

 I have many cups and saucers but this one may be a case of
loving the saucer even more than the cup. 

Aren't the colors brilliant?
I see this and think~ how regal and how royal.

We were in Disney this week enjoying ourselves so completely.
You do not have to be a child to feel the magic.
We had a super English lunch outside at the Rose and Crown Pub.
While my husband was paying the bill, I ran over to the Twinings 
store and found these tea tins.
I absolutely could not choose just one. 

The colors are brilliant jewel tones and I could not leave 
a single one behind.

Take a quick moment to see all of the little details that pertain
to the Queen-Corgis, horses, hats, pocketbook (what does she keep in there??), tea cups and so on.
The tea is a black tea and really delicious.

Golly, even the tea bag jacket is pretty.

We have been missing from tea blogging for too 
long of a time. Happy to be back.
Another wonderful gift from my Canadian pal,
 a soft tea towel with a sentiment I love.
Wishing  you all well!
                                                                                 Dame Ruthie

Friday, December 6, 2013


Hello! Lady B here. I didn't mispell Aloha...I just put up an acronym of A Leave of Absence. Aloha means hello as well as goodbye so it's appropriate since I will want to say hello in the near future.
I have been working on a book regarding Afternoon Tea and it is all encompassing if I want to finish it. It's a commitment I take seriously. In the meantime please enjoy all the posts from Dame Ruthie. I'll see you after my book is put to bed. Cheers!

Monday, November 25, 2013

The Colors of Thanksgiving

Here is a photo of last year's
Thanksgiving table at one of my
daughter's house.
That salad with pomegranate seeds was

We had a wonderful time and happily wore the headdresses
that my grandson, Will, made.

Picture of Thanksgiving past...

And another of one at our home in New York.
I am in Florida now and I miss these old days and my
turkey transferware plates which I loved using.

I do have some brown transfer ware here and thought
I would share the dishes I have.

First, a cup of tea and a search for the colors to fit the occasion.

This plate is a colorful one.
Spode Copeland

Royal Staffordshire
Clarice Cliff

Wedgewood and Co, Ltd.

Myott's Bouquet

Sheraton by Johnson Bros.

J & G Meakin

Olde English Countryside
Johnson Bros.

Windsor Ware
FB & C Johnson Bros.

I recently acquired some new/old Beatrix Potter figures.
 I chose to show those that have the colors of the season.
Here is Old Mr. Brown by Beswick.

Another Beswick,
Squirrel Nutkin

Mr. McGregor had the right colors too.
 (He is not happy that the rabbits have gotten into his garden.)

This last plate is also Johnson Bros.
The pattern is Devonshire
I leave you with a cute Thanksgiving ditty:
May your stuffing be tasty
May your turkey be plump
May your 
potatoes and gravy
Have nary a lump
May your yams be delicious
And your pies take the prize,
And may your Thanksgiving dinner
Stay off your thighs.

Ha! Seriously, we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Be grateful for your freedoms, friends and family.
Dame Ruthie

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Hello, Lady B here. I experienced a very serendipitous occurrence a few weeks ago. I was walking in my neighborhood on a bright fall day. I saw my neighbor Liz outside of her house so I stopped to chat. She asked me how things were and I replied that I was writing a book about tea and finding it more difficult than I had expected! So Liz replied that she was writing a book too! It will be about illustrated children's books. Then she said she had a blog. So of course I said "I do too!"  So we exchanged blog addresses and I hurried home to check out her blog. Please visit her blog when you have a chance. Liz'  Well, a few days passed and I found a box on my front porch. In it was this sweet teacup.

So I guessed where it came from. I put a little gift in the box and put it on her doorstep.
A few days later I saw a bag on my doorstep. You guessed it - another anonymous package. This time containing two tea cups!
                      This beautiful cup adorned with pansies from the      Salisbury company in England.
And this sweet rosie teacup from the Elizabethan company in England.  I'm not sure who is going to strike next but I do know I have a very nice relationship with a neighbor who I now have quite a lot in common with!